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Amazon Rainforest

The largest existing rainforest is also home of the widest river in the world. Known as "the lungs of the world" with unrivaled biodiversity, there is nowhere else like the Amazon on the planet.

Beach & Island (Caribbean Style):

Where crystalline blue ocean water meets sugary, white-sand shores to create a tropical, picture-perfect paradise. Experience year-round Caribbean temperatures and festive but laid-back culture.

Beach & Island (Rio Style):

A lush landscape where verdant mountains roll into the blue ocean, creating unforgettable vistas with icons such as Rio's Sugarloaf and Corvocado mountains, and unforgettable island and sea-side ports along the coast.

Big Cities:

Exceptional fashion centers in São Paulo, relaxed social scene of Rio de Janeiro, and the unique architecture of Brasilia make Brazil's cosmopolitan metropolises must-see destinations.

Historic Brazil

Home to many World Heritage Sites, Portuguese-style colonial buildings, centuries-old churches and leisurely learning experiences. Brazil has a unique colonization history that will transport you through time.

Nature Adventure

Brazil's national parks are extraordinarily distinct with an abundance of unspoiled natural bio-diversity including mountains, canyons, flatlands, and the famous Iguassu waterfalls.

2014 World Cup or 2016 Summer Olympics:

Watching the World Cup in Brazil only happens once in a lifetime – be a part of history when Brazil hosts the 2014 World Cup! Come back and cheer for your country in the 2016 Rio Olympics!

Amazon Rainforest

Nowhere else in the world will you see more shades of green. Brazil is home to 60% of the Amazon’s 1.7 billion acres of rainforest. This region is unrivaled for its biodiversity and not only has the highest diversity of plant species on the planet, but also is home to an unprecedented amount of insects, mammals, amphibians, reptiles and birds. There are many adventures to experience in the Amazon: wildlife tracking, bird watching, swimming with piranhas ...

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Beach & Island (Caribbean Style)

Brazil has 7,000 miles of coastline stretching from the equator to below the Tropic of Capricorn. Not only do the beaches differ in temperature, but also in topography. The beaches in the Northeast are tropical, which we define as Caribbean Style. The weather is consistently warm and beautiful year-round and the water in the coves and bays is warm and clear. Given the location, some beaches and areas also have Atlantic sea waves ideal for surfing. Overall ...

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Beach & Island (Rio Style)

In the southeast, verdant mountains roll directly into the ocean. Ancient volcanic activity made this region rich in diversity. We characterize this as Rio Style, where you will not only be able to enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches, but also explore lush nature reserves and national parks. The vegetation is dense and beautiful and the contrast breathtaking. Nature lovers who want to relax on the beach can also enjoy many adventure sports in this region. ...

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Big Cities

Brazil is home to São Paulo, one of the largest cities in the world with over 15 million inhabitants. Include Rio de Janeiro, Brasília, Salvador and Manaus in your trip, and you will understand the diversity of Brazil. Touring the country’s capitals you will discover our rich history along with our national pride. Each region has specialty dishes, as well as unique aspects. São Paulo is the cosmopolitan capital of Brazil where you will find the best of ...

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Historic Brazil

More than 500 years ago, the Portuguese and other European explorers discovered Brazil. The race to claim territory is evident in the many colonial cities, ports, and forts you can still explore today. UNESCO has named numerous heritage sites throughout Brazil including the first synagogue in Latin America and some of the oldest churches in the world. You can stroll through complete towns where no traffic is allowed, discover forts where the history ...

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Nature Adventure in National Parks

Brazil’s national parks are extraordinarily distinct with an abundance of unspoiled natural biodiversity. From the Iguazu Falls in the southwest, to Pantanal and Bonito in the central west, to the Chapadas and Lençóis Maranhenses in the northeast, you will find verdant mountains, incredible canyons, flatlands, largest wetlands in the world, the waterfalls, underground caverns and caves, sand dunes and lagoons. There is nowhere else on the planet with as...

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2014 WorldCup or 2016 Olympics

Brazil is the motherland of soccer. If you hear a Brazilian say, “The English invented it, the Brazilians perfected it” don’t be annoyed. We are just good! We not only have won the world cup five times (once on every continent), but are also the only team to have ever played in every single World Cup since the beginning. You will often hear fans shout “Penta,” and we proudly mean, “We’ve won five times.” Every heart in Brazil is ready for Brazil to make it “Hexa” ...

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