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Meet the founders

Adriana and Rafael met in 1996 in The Netherlands as Rotary International exchange students from Brazil. Living with three host families each, they created life-long friendships with their Dutch friends as well as other exchange students from all over the world. After returning to Brazil, they started hosting their friends who were curious to experience Brazil through the eyes of Brazilians. Their friends loved the experience so much that they recommended other friends to visit Rafael and Adriana, and after returning home, they too shared their experiences and sent more friends to visit.

After 15 years of sharing Brazil with their friends and friends of their friends, Rafael and Adriana decided to join together and create a company that shares their expertise with you. They are professionals who love to travel. They are delighted when they can design an exclusive experience for other world travelers and watch them fall in love with Brazil. As they have shown countless friends how beautiful, exciting and welcoming Brazil is, they will share the very best of Brazil with you. Come and experience Brazil with True Brazil Travel.

Rafael Russo


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Adriana Cavalcanti


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Why True Brazil Travel is different:

  • Tailor-made private tours
  • Brazilian experts with international experience
  • Certified products
  • Hassle-free process
  • Authentic experiences